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2017 – 2019 Community Investment Plan

The long-term impact we envision is to create a neighborhood that as it grows retains a diverse socio-economic population, and becomes more stable with stakeholders who participate in ensuring its well-being. As we increase engagement among residents who live in our housing and in the broader community, diverse voices will be at the table when decisions about housing and transportation are made that affect the neighborhood.

Goal 1: Increase resident leadership and engagement in ABCDC owned housing.

Allston Brighton CDC is committed to ensuring that all residents living in Allston Brighton CDC owned housing have access to the services and resources they need for secure tenancies, to avoid homelessness, and to foster a stable environment for the entire portfolio. We also believe that meaningful resident engagement and leadership is essential to creating a positive and healthy environment in the housing and in the larger community. We will:

  • Increase resident participation in Allston Brighton CDC resident-specific events, programs, and services.
  • Ensure stable tenancies for residents in Allston Brighton CDC properties.
  • Increase resident leadership and civic engagement.

Goal 2: Increase supply and access to quality housing for a range of incomes.

We will increase access to affordable and workforce rental housing and homeownership ensuring that Allston Brighton remains a vibrant community for residents from a range of incomes. All our housing development activities will maximize sustainable and green housing practices to the degree feasible, and be located near transit for easy access to employment centers including downtown Boston. We will:

  • Increase the supply of rental housing affordable for families who have low and moderate incomes.
  • Increase the supply of homeownership opportunities and access to homeownership for low and moderate income families, and for a range of incomes.
  • Improve performance of Allston Brighton CDC properties.

Goal 3: Ensure housing and transportation projects meet the needs of the diverse population of Allston Brighton.

Working with neighborhood residents and other stakeholders, we will advocate for policies to ensure that housing and transportation changes in Allston Brighton meet the diverse needs of the community. Our goal is to engage residents as leaders and ambassadors in community planning efforts to ensure that the views of residents are incorporated into decision making. We will:

  • Promote policies that increase access to quality housing for existing residents and to ensure equitable transportation access.
  • Increase resident engagement in community and transportation planning and advocacy to ensure the voice of residents is incorporated into decision making about the future of Allston Brighton.