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Allston Brighton CDC builds a stronger and more stable community by representing and supporting the expressed interests, positive engagement and leadership of Allston Brighton’s diverse local communities, institutions, individuals, and families of all incomes.


Since 1980 Allston Brighton CDC has led initiatives that create affordable homes, foster community leadership, enhance and protect open spaces and offer steps to increased incomes and assets so residents can call Allston Brighton home for the long-term.

Today, Allston Brighton CDC is completing a cycle of strategic planning that addresses critical changes in our community, focuses and defines its role as a catalyst for community stability, and positions it for the sustained creation of opportunities for families and individuals of all income levels to engage as leaders and improve their lives.

Vision and Impact

We have articulated a vision of a neighborhood abuzz with positive energy where people of many incomes, races and genders work and live. Young people that move to Allston Brighton stay to raise their children, and others view their neighborhood as a place they want to stay for years. They are joined by local businesses and anchor institutions in taking collective responsibility for the quality of life.

Allston Brighton CDC’s role will change as individual and collective voices respond to the myriad of economic, social, civic and environmental forces impacting Allston Brighton. Its work may include providing and protecting affordable housing, promoting environmental sustainability, supporting small businesses, developing community leaders, building family economic self-sufficiency, and fostering community cohesion.