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Step One: Make your donation to ABCDC

You may do this by mailing a check to Allston Brighton CDC or if you prefer to donate online you may do this through the button below:

network for good button
When you donate through the website you have the option to make a one-time payment or multiple payments. Please note in order to qualify for the tax credit the full donation must be made within the calendar year.

Step Two: Obtain your CITC Certificate

Your CITC Certificate is issued by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). To obtain the certificate login at http://hed-citc.azurewebsites.net/login.aspx and complete Part I. Please note that Individuals complete section A only and Corporations must complete both sections A and B. Additionally if you have never logged into this portal before, Allston Brighton CDC will provide you with a username and password.

After all information for Part I Section A is input you MUST first click Save Answers and Resume Later and then click Next. At the prompt enter connolly@allstonbrightoncdc.org to notify us that you’ve completed Part I.

Allston Brighton CDC will then complete Part II to finalize the process.

DHCD will issue you your CITC Certificate with your unique Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) certification number. This number is required to claim your credit.

You will receive your CITC Certificate in the mail 4 – 6 weeks after completing this process.

Of Note:

  • Consult your tax advisor regarding questions specific to tax filing and to determining final out of pocket cost.
  • Out of state residents will file a MA tax return as a non-resident.
  • The total donation qualifies for the Federal Charitable Tax Deduction.