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Allston Brighton CDC Community Investment Plan 2015

Allston Brighton CDC’s mission is to build a stronger and more stable community by representing and supporting the expressed interests, positive engagement and leadership of Allston Brighton’s Diverse local communities, institutions, individuals and families of all incomes.

We Identify and partner with institutions to support community-identified and –led strategies that create and foster a healthy, diverse and stable neighborhood, connecting grassroots leaders to resources and opportunities that we negotiate on the community’s behalf.

ABCDC’s Community Investment Plan employs three integrated investment strategies that are designated to support neighborhood vitality.

Increase Neighborhood Stability

We employ four core strategies in our neighborhood stability work: increasing homeownership opportunities, improving housing conditions, increasing the supply of affordable rental housing and supporting the growth of health and wellness.

1,621 residents directly impacted

Develop Community Leaders

ABCDC engages residents throughout the neighborhood living in or outside of the housing in our portfolio, growing a diverse voice that includes hundreds of community members in conversations that address the community impact of institutional expansion, transient populations, the rise of investor absentee landlords and overall community health and wellness.

550 residents directly impacted

Support Healthy Residents and Properties

Through our asset management and resident resources activities, we care for both our buildings and the people who call ABCDC’s portfolio of properties home. We are currently restructuring our largest development to allow for much needed rehab and property updates.

1,135 residents directly impacted