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The Allston Brighton CDC fully endorses the YES for a Better Boston Campaign for CPA in Boston and we urge the residents of Allston Brighton to vote in favor of CPA this November. This is a great opportunity for the city of Boston to raise much needed funds for a more stable and equitable city for all residents.

Skyrocking housing costs are making it increasingly difficult for families to stay in Boston and to enjoy the quality of life they deserve. The Community Preservation Act (CPA) will generate over $20 million per year to support critically needed affordable housing, improvements to our parks and recreational facilities, and renovations to vital historic buildings and landmarks

CPA is a smart growth tool designed to help Massachusetts cities and towns create affordable housing, preserve open space and historic sites, and develop outdoor recreational opportunities. CPA funds are generated through a small surcharge on local property tax bills matched by a statewide trust fund to maximize their impact. The average homeowner would pay $24 per year for CPA. If adopted, Boston would exercise local control over its CPA funds. With input from the public, and city boards and agencies, a new committee of local residents would review and recommend projects to the city for funding each year. Fully transparent so you know exactly where the money is going. 

The dedicated funds would allow Boston to:

  • Create thousands of new, affordable homes for seniors, families, and veterans
  • Restore and preserve historic buildings, and rehabilitate underutilized resources
  • Develop and improve parks, playgrounds, trails, and gardens
  • Acquire land to protect water quality and reduce impacts of climate change

For more information on the Community Preservation Act or to learn more about the YES for a Better Boston Campaign, please visit: www.YESBetterBoston.org. For a calculator to find out what a CPA surcharge would be for a particular property, please visit: www.CPAinfo.boston.gov.


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