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Living in an Allston pantry for $300 a month is nuts

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April 26, 2016

Scott Kirsner – Boston Globe

When I was in San Francisco late last month, everyone was talking about the man in the plywood pod. An illustrator named Peter Berkowitz had explained in a blog how he’d built an 8-foot-long box in a friend’s living room, outfitted with a bed and a fold-down desk, and that he was paying $400 a month to live there.

It went viral as an example of just how crazy things have gotten in San Francisco, where a one-bedroom apartment rents for almost $3,600, on average, according to the real estate site Zumper.com.
New York is the second-priciest market in the country, after San Francisco, according to the site, with Boston rounding out the top three at $2,310.

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