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Posted By On July 5, 2016 ·
Tim Logan, Sunday, July 3, 2016. First it was a rail yard. Then small factories. And now this nondescript stretch of Brighton is aiming to become a new hub for the economy of modern-day Boston, home to 5,000 white-collar jobs within a few years. That’s what New Balance Shoe Co. is seeking at Boston Landing, the 15-acre campus the athletic … Read More »
Posted By On June 28, 2016 ·
Banker & Tradesman, Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Boston-based Hamilton Co.’s continuing plans for redeveloping Allston parcels into multifamily projects would add 114 apartments a block from busy Packard’s Corner. The Auto Zone store at 45-55 Brighton Ave. would be demolished to make way for a 6-story, 100,000-square-foot building containi… Read More »
Posted By On June 9, 2016 ·
The Barr Foundation, Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Earlier this spring, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s (LISC) Massachusetts Green Retrofit Initiative reached a milestone as 10 of our 20 multifamily affordable housing partners signed onto the Better Buildings Challenge (BBC). Started by the United States Department of Housing and Urban … Read More »
Posted By On May 9, 2016 ·
Stephanie Leydon-WGBH News The view from the back porch of Karen Smith's home in North Allston hasn't changed, but the feel of the neighborhood has.  It was once filled with families.  Kids hopped the backyard fence to play with friends.  Smith recalls what it was like when her son was growing up here. "When the kids were little and runnin… Read More »
Posted By On April 26, 2016 ·
David Abel - Boston Globe For years, Russell Eng has coached high school volleyball teams at Reggie Wong Memorial Park, which is conveniently located near public transportation in Chinatown. It’s also near the interchange of two highways and exhaust vents for Big Dig tunnels, making the park one of the most polluted places in Boston. Now… Read More »
Posted By On April 26, 2016 ·
Scott Kirsner - Boston Globe When I was in San Francisco late last month, everyone was talking about the man in the plywood pod. An illustrator named Peter Berkowitz had explained in a blog how he’d built an 8-foot-long box in a friend’s living room, outfitted with a bed and a fold-down desk, and that he was paying $400 a month to live there… Read More »
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