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Building strategic partnerships for a stronger community.


Over the past year, as part of our new Strategic Plan, have built new or strengthened existing partnerships with institutions including local colleges and universities, major employers, and our partners in city, state, and federal government in order to collaborate on efforts to build a stronger, more stable community.

We also assumed leadership roles in both the Allston Brighton Health Collaborative and the Allston Brighton Adult Education Collaborative. In 2013, we will advance these strategic partnerships to propose, define and ultimately coordinate the delivery – facilitated by ABCDC and in collaboration with partners – of specific and actionable community stabilization strategies.

Issues that have surfaced for possible collaborative ventures include stable, healthy housing opportunities; stemming absentee investor purchases and deterioration of properties; access to healthy foods, health care and prevention programs; youth opportunities; and access to open space; workforce training/jobs. The specific strategies to be advanced will depend on the institutional partnership and the voices of the community residents most impacted by their presence.

If you are interested in more information about our Strategic Partnerships work, contact Jason Desrosier:  Desrosier@allstonbrightoncdc.org| 617-787-3874 x206