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Community Engagement

The Allston Brighton CDC’s Community Engagement program is helping to build a stronger and more stable community by supporting community-identified and led-strategies that create and foster a healthy, diverse and stable neighborhood. We do this by engaging residents throughout the neighborhood living in, or outside, of the housing in our portfolio, growing a diverse voice that includes hundreds of community members in conversations that address the community impact of institutional expansion, transient populations, and the rise of investor absentee landlords. A sample of our current campaigns and initiatives include:

Allston Brighton Neighborhood Stabilization Task Force: The goal of the Task Force is to provide residents with opportunities to advocate for the enforcement of current code, as well as new policy changes that lead to better management of overcrowded units, and increase quality of life in the neighborhood.


September 1st/Student Move-In: Every September 1st, ABCDC, with the engagement of many residents and stakeholders, implement an education and outreach program that targeted parents, students and other vulnerable tenant populations to the dangers of non-code compliant housing.


Health and Wellness: Through our Healthy Community Champions program, Allston Brighton residents are able to increase their leadership skills through community organizing, public speaking and coordinating community partnerships by advocating for healthier food and beverage, and increased opportunities for active transit (walking, biking, mobility impaired).


To learn more about our work in community engagement, or to get involved with our programs, contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Jason Desrosier, at Desrosier@allstonbrightoncdc.org or (617) 787-3874 x206