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  • ABCDC Awarded Community Investment Tax Credits

    Once again, in 2016,  a net investment of $325 provides $1,000 in support!

    Thank’s to all of our supporters and The Commonwealth of Massachusetts for investing in us!

    ABCDC is pleased to announce we will once again receive the maximum allotment of Community Investment Tax Credits (CITC) from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Economic Development again this year. We are delighted to work with our wonderful supporters and the State to raise much needed funds to support the families and residents of Allston and Brighton. We are particularly thankful to New Balance for their matching donations helping our individual donors to deepen their impact.

    Supporters who donate $1000 or more receive a 50% tax credit from the State of Massachusetts and with New Balance’s generous matching program the donations from individuals are doubled. The result in 2015 was that a net donation of $325 from an individual donor resulted in $2,000 of support strengthening families lives and giving voice to residents throughout Allston Brighton.

    With CITC our donors have had the opportunity to deepen their impact on the many families in the Allston Brighton community providing them safe places to live, resources to transform their lives and the opportunity to have their voices heard. In 2015, CITC was integral to our Resident Services expansion, the creation of the All Bright Homeownership Program, continuing our excellent homebuyer education and counseling work, our leadership efforts with our neighborhood Healthy Community Champions. Local families and residents have safe housing, access to homeownership, a voice in the growth and shape of their community and the opportunity to live happy stable lives.

    Allston Brighton CDC is dedicated to providing high quality safe affordable housing, supporting families to secure and maintain stable, quality housing both rental and homeownership and to have the opportunity for their voices to be a part of the civic conversation and have a real impact on the growth and future of Allston Brighton. We are so thankful to our supporters and look forward to another year growing our capacity to help families and residents in Allston Brighton to live healthy prosperous lives. Your donation can have real impact on stabilizing the lives of the many families and residents of Allston and Brighton.  To learn more about CITC and how to donate visit us at http://allstonbrightoncdc.org/2015/cdc-tax-credit/.

  • Our Annual Meeting, Thursday May 26

    Observations on Tomorrow:  Our Changing Housing Needs 

    Expert panelists reflect on the impact of smart growth and zoning necessary to realize the potential that communities have to house those who currently live here and to attract a diverse workforce as our population grows.

    May 26, 6:30 – 8:30pm at Brighton Marine Health Center  at 77 Warren Avenue in Brighton.

    Special Guest Panelists:

    • Undersecretary Chrystal Kornegay, Mass Dept of Housing and Economic Development
    • Sheila Dillon, City of Boston Chief of Housing & Dir of the Dept of Neighborhood Development
    • Clark Ziegler, Massachusetts Housing Partnership Executive Director
    • Tim Reardon, Metropolitan Area Planning Council Data Services Director

    Guest Facilitation by Rebecca Koepnick of The Boston Foundation

    Register Today

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  • Representing Brighton Center

    The Allston Brighton CDC builds a stronger and more stable community by representing and supporting the expressed interests, positive engagement…

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