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Allston Brighton Needs Assessment

ABCDC is excited to be a part of “Team AURA,” a multi-firm team selected by the BPDA to complete a needs assessment of Allston Brighton along with Utile, Rivera consulting, and Archipelago Strategies Group. ABCDC’s role on the team will be to conduct grassroots outreach to all residents of the Allston Brighton community.

For more information, please contact our Community Engagement Manager, Jason Boyle, at [email protected] or visit the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) website.

The online survey closed on Friday, September 29. There is still time to take the survey in-person with an ambassador at one of the upcoming community events:

About the Needs Assessment

This summer, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) is conducting a needs assessment for the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods. This needs assessment will examine services within the Allston-Brighton community under three main categories:

  1. Basic needs
  2. Access to opportunity
  3. Community

Basic needs cover things like safety, food security, and housing. Access to opportunity relates to education, employment, and transportation. Community needs are about ensuring access to open space, arts and culture, and civic engagement, among other things.

Over the coming months, the people who live, work and form part of the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods will have the opportunity to have their voices heard as part of the needs assessment. The team conducting the needs assessment on behalf of the BPDA will provide multiple opportunities to get involved and give important feedback about the neighborhood and how it can best serve you, your family, and the wider community.

Community engagement will take place in Allston and Brighton during July and August 2023, where you will have the opportunity to give feedback in-person at one of our events or online by signing up for project updates including community events, surveys, and other engagements.

Language Access

The Allston-Brighton Needs Assessment is important to you as a Boston resident. Language Access services are available to you free of charge, including interpretation and translation services. You can contact [email protected] or 857-242-1123 to request language services related to the Allston-Brighton Needs Assessment.

La Evaluación de las necesidades de Allston-Brighton es importante para usted como residente de Boston. Los servicios de idiomas están disponibles de forma gratuita e incluyen interpretación y traducción. Comuníquese a [email protected] o 857-242-1123 para solicitar los servicios de idiomas relacionados con la Evaluación de las necesidades de Allston-Brighton.

作為波士頓居民,Allston-Brighton需求評估對您很重要。我們可以向您免費提供語言服務,包括 口譯和筆譯服務。您可以聯繫[email protected]或致電857-242-1123,請求與 Allston-Brighton需求評估有關的語言服務。

如果您是波士顿居民,那么Allston-Brighton Needs Assessment (需求评估) 对您来说是很重要的。 我们免费为您提供语言翻译(口译和笔译)服务。如果您需要语言服务,请通过发送电子邮件至 [email protected] 或致电 857-242-1123 来要求Allston-Brighton Needs Assessment提供相关语言翻译服务。

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved in the Allston-Brighton Needs Assessment this summer. It is important that we hear directly from the community about what improvements are needed to make Allston and Brighton a great place to live and work. Your feedback will help the Boston Planning and Development Agency, and other government agencies, understand what the Allston and Brighton communities require to develop in a fair and responsible way, now and for future generations.

Over the course of the summer, Community Ambassadors will be available at several community events to talk to you about the needs assessment and how you can share your feedback. Community Ambassadors are people who work in the community to share information about a particular subject. Here are some ways you can get involved in the needs assessment:

  1. You can check the BPDA events calendar and join us at an upcoming free event or public meeting where our community ambassadors will be happy to speak with you.
  2. You can complete sign up for engagement notifications to give the BPDA feedback directly to the needs assessment team. You can also use the form at the bottom of this page to send comments directly to the BPDA project team.
  3. You can contact John Woods, Executive Director at [email protected] or Rachel Regis, Deputy Director at [email protected] or by calling 617-787-3874 for more information.
Upcoming Events

Check out the BPDA website to learn more about upcoming events in our community!


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