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Financial Counseling Services

Renters and first-time home buyers alike can struggle in today’s economy. Whether you would like to buy a home or grow your income and pay off any debt, we’re here to help.

We’ve offered financial counseling services to our first-time home buying class graduates since 1995 and in 2018, we extended our services to reach more Allston Brighton residents than ever before. We strive to meet residents where they’re at and aid them in achieving their own self-directed financial aims.

As an Allston Brighton resident, you’ll be able to access first-rate counseling services in your own neighborhood. If you’re a tenant of our housing, you won’t have coordinate among multiple organizations to resolve housing or financial concerns. You’ll build a strong, long-term relationship with our staff as you achieve your financial goals.

Contact us to get matched with our financial counseling staff today.

Upcoming Workshops

“After I started coming to the All Bright Community Center for financial coaching, everything in my life started falling into place.” – Shirley

Our Privacy Policy

Allston Brighton CDC is committed to assuring the privacy of individuals and/or families who have contacted us for assistance. We realize that the concerns you bring to us are highly personal in nature. We assure you that all information shared both orally and in writing will be managed within legal and ethical considerations. Your “nonpublic personal information,” such as your total debt information, income, living expenses and personal information concerning your financial circumstances, will be provided to creditors, program monitors, and others only with your authorization. We may also use anonymous aggregated case file information for the purpose of evaluating our services, gathering valuable research information and designing future programs.

Types of information that we gather about you

  • Information we receive from you orally, on applications or other forms, such as your name, address, social security number, assets, and income;
  • Information about your transactions with us, your creditors, or others, such as your account balance, payment history, parties to transactions and credit card usage; and
  • Information we receive from a credit reporting agency, such as your credit history.

What categories of information do we disclose and to whom?

We may disclose the following personal information to financial service providers (such as companies providing home mortgages), Federal, State, and nonprofit partners for program review, monitoring, auditing, research, and/or oversight purposes, and/or any other pre-authorized individual and/or organization. The types of information we disclose are as follows:

  • Information you provide on applications/forms or other forms of communication. This information may include your name, address, Social Security Number, employer, occupation, account numbers, assets, expenses, and income.
  • Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others; such as your account balance, monthly payment, payment history, and method of payment.
  • Information we receive from a consumer credit reporting agency; such as your credit bureau reports, your credit and payment history, your credit scores, and/or your creditworthiness.
  • We do not sell or rent your personal information to any outside entity.
  • We may share anonymous, aggregated case file information; but this information may not be disclosed in a manner that would personally identify you in any way. This is done in order to evaluate our program, gather valuable research information, and/or design future programs.
  • We may also disclose personal information about you to third parties as permitted by law.

How is your personal information stored?

We restrict access to your nonpublic personal information to ABCDC employees who need to know that information in order to perform their housing counseling duties. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information; and we train our staff to safeguard client information and prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or use.

You may opt-out of certain disclosures

  • You have the opportunity to “opt-out” of disclosures of your nonpublic personal information to third parties (such as your creditors), that is, direct us not to make those disclosures. However, if you choose to opt out, we will not be able to answer any questions from your creditors, which may limit ABCDC’s ability to provide services such as foreclosure prevention counseling.
  • You may opt-out of this requirement, but proof of your decision to opt-out must be recorded in your client file.

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