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Financial Counseling Services

Renters and first-time home buyers alike can struggle in today’s economy. Whether you would like to buy a home or grow your income and pay off any debt, we’re here to help.

We’ve offered financial counseling services to our first-time home buying class graduates since 1995 and in 2018, we extended our services to reach more Allston Brighton residents than ever before. We strive to meet residents where they’re at and aid them in achieving their own self-directed financial aims.

As an Allston Brighton resident, you’ll be able to access first-rate counseling services in your own neighborhood. If you’re a tenant of our housing, you won’t have coordinate among multiple organizations to resolve housing or financial concerns. You’ll build a strong, long-term relationship with our staff as you achieve your financial goals.

Contact us to get matched with our financial counseling staff today.

“After I started coming to the All Bright Community Center for financial coaching, everything in my life started falling into place.” – Shirley

Shirley, an Allston Brighton CDC housing tenant, has lived in this community since she was a young girl and has overcome significant personal challenges in that time. Her nine-year-old son Evan was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and when he was just three years old, his father died in a tragic car crash, which left Shirley as his sole caretaker. Raising a young child with special needs all on her own made maintaining financial stability a challenge.

To maximize her income, Shirley enlisted in our financial coaching program in 2018. After only a few one-on-one sessions with our staff and referrals to specialized childcare, she landed a new preschool teacher position in the community and is on track to fulfill her next goals – building her credit and securing a larger apartment for her family. She continues working hard to create a better life for her and her son while remaining in the neighborhood they’ve called home for so many years.

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