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All Bright Homes Testimonials

One of our newest All Bright Homes projects at 59 Hopedale was sold to ABCDC from a longtime Allston Brighton resident, Joyce. When you talk to Joyce about Allston, you can immediately sense her love for the neighborhood. “It’s the kind of place that you love even after you leave.” The tight knit community of Lower Allston was an amazing home to Joyce and her family for over 26 years. She considers many of her neighbors to be her closest friends.  For her, the neighborhood was the best of Boston living:  a tight-knit community with   parks and green space, and easy to downtown, Harvard Square, and major highways.

This past year, Joyce decided to sell her home through the All Bright Homes program to give one last gift to the neighborhood that treated her so well.  When the burden of owning a home became too much work, Joyce made the decision to downsize. When Joyce decided to relocate to another part of the country, she knew her 4+-bedroom home would be quickly seized by an investor who would either subdivide it into apartments, or simply rent it to multiple young people as a group home.  She did not want either of these things for her home or, more importantly, her neighbors.  One of the most important aspects of this program for Joyce is the legacy that she is leaving for the neighborhood. As more and more investors buy homes and turn them into cramped apartments, fewer people can afford to make Lower Allston their home for the long-term. Joyce wanted to make sure that whoever bought her home would actually live in the community.

Joyce has made an impact throughout her time in Lower Allston and her presence will benefit the community for years to come!

“We sold our Allston house to Allston Brighton CDC through the All Bright Homeownership Program because we thought the program was good for Allston as well as for us. The agreed-upon sale price was consistent with the condition of our house and with other sales in our neighborhood, and we were able to negotiate sale terms that worked for us. We didn’t have to make repairs or do major cleaning, and we didn’t have to pay a real estate agent’s commission.”

– Martha & Walter, All Bright Homeownership Sellers, 2018

22 Hopedale Street, Allston MA

“The CDC’s home ownership program let my wife and I give back to the community while getting a head start on our new life. Because we avoided the process of listing and showing our place, and because the CDC was able to close quickly, we were able to get the proceeds of the sale to use for a down payment on a new place out in western Massachusetts. We’re really happy that we were able to do good by the neighborhood and do well for our family, all at the same time.”

– All Bright Homeownership Seller, 2015

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