Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation

Working together, building community

My name is Edna de Paula. I was an Allston-Brighton resident for 26 years. I raised two daughters there as a single mother, and we loved the family friendly neighborhood. Even though we were in the city, there were always schools, parks, bakeries, libraries, churches and a true sense of community. We were all involved in community service and volunteering to make our community better. As years went by, rent began to rise and rise and more and more families had to leave the neighborhood. Some families had been there for decades. We began to see more big businesses and development come in that didn’t reflect the need and profile of the community. Part of my life history is in Allston-Brighton, and it was always a dream to buy our own house there, but I can’t afford it. And my daughter’s and their friends who grew up in the community can’t afford it either. I am hardworking, I love Allston-Brighton, and I dedicated so many years to the community, but I had to move. I can’t afford the sky-high rents, much less the mortgage. A community should always be growing and adapting but not to the extent that its residents have to leave it. If that happens, who is the change for? Who does it benefit?

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