Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation

Working together, building community

What’s your relationship to Allston-Brighton?

Resident for 7 years. Pushed out due to rising rent in 2018.

How has Allston-Brighton changed over the years?

Yes, absolutely. Some of my favorite local shops not have been in Allston forever were no longer able to stay open. It is no longer affordable. An area I used to run at every single day was unrecognizable to me when I visited last weekend. I was shocked. So many new block buildings have gone up in such a short period of time. Suspiciously, increased housing is doing nothing for affordability.

What is Allston-Brighton’s biggest challenge with affordable housing? 

It is non-existent

What would/does an affordable home mean for you?

Under $700/month for a one person apartment.

How would your opportunities/quality of life change if you didn’t have to worry about rent going up?

I would still live in the same place where I work, eat, and go to enjoy city life. I would not have to drive two hours everyday.

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