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By: Cassie White, Community Engagement Fellow

When a developer proposes a project, there is some negotiation with the City and the community to make changes and finalize the development. An Impact Advisory Group (IAG) is an important part of those negotiations and they are one way that developers get community input.

Thanks to IAG members, there have been some great gains for the community. St. Gabriel’s IAG negotiated over 100 homeownership units and Common Allbright negotiated 20% affordable units.

You can make a real impact on your community through an IAG! If you have more questions or might be interested, feel free to contact our Community Engagement Manager, Jason, at [email protected].

Who forms an IAG?

IAG’s are made up of up to fifteen members who may represent community organizations, business owners, or residents.

What skills or qualifications are necessary to serve on an IAG?

Don’t feel like you need to know everything before you join! There can be a lot of technical information and some dense reading involved, but you are not alone. Many IAG members have learned on the job with the help of their fellow members, and Jason from ABCDC is available to provide additional support and guidance.

How long can it last? What’s the time commitment?

The length and intensity of the review process varies from project to project. On average they last from 6-8 months and require a few hours per month to attend IAG meetings, public meetings, and review documents.

How do I join an IAG?

IAG members are nominated by city councilors, state representatives and senators, and neighborhood services. If you’re interested in joining an IAG, get in touch with any or all the individuals listed below. Send them an informal email with your contact information, your address, and why you’re interested in serving on an IAG.

Allston Brighton Elected Officials

City Councilors 
Liz Breadon  

District 9: Allston Brighton

[email protected]


Annissa Essaibi George


[email protected]


Michael Flaherty


[email protected]


Michelle Wu


[email protected]


Julia Mejia  




Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services
Conor Newman [email protected]


State Representatives
Kevin Honan [email protected]


Michael Moran [email protected]


State Senators
Sal Didomenico [email protected]


William Brownsberger [email protected]



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