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We are so excited to announce that ABCDC received our allocation of Community Investment Tax Credits (CITC) from the State! CITC donations are pivotal in ensuring that ABCDC can continue our work towards creating a stronger, and more stable community. These donations allow our supporters to double the impact of their donations to support Allston Brighton.

“The CITC program has been instrumental in moving our work forward,” said Executive Director, John Woods. “Our supporters can make double the investment in the neighborhood that they love while also receiving the benefit of a 50% tax credit. We truly appreciate the support of everyone who has donated through this program in the past, and we are excited that we were allocated credits again this year!”

What is CITC?

The Community Investment Tax Program is designed to inspire giving to Community Development Corporations. CITC donations provide you with a 50% tax credit through the State of Massachusetts, even if you do not owe any income taxes. That means that you or your company can make a $1,000 impact on Allston Brighton CDC while only spending $500!

What does a CITC donation support?

A CITC Donation supports the development of high-quality affordable housing development, first-time homebuyer education, resident services, and community engagement in Allston Brighton!

Are you interested in supporting ABCDC through CITC? Learn more or contact us today to make a donation!

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