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Our March Homebuying 101 class saw the highest number of graduates to date! With over 100 graduates, ABCDC set an organizational record for the number of homebuyers educated in a single class.

“It is exciting to see the impact of our Homebuying 101 classes” said ABCDC’s Executive Director, John Woods. “While there were some setbacks when we transitioned into holding our classes virtually, we have seen a huge spike in registrations which shows just how much homeownership education is needed in this community.”

“The transition to online education has removed several key barriers to participation in a first-time homebuyer class and we are seeing the effects of this plainly. Before the transition, we could fit at most 30-50 people in a classroom, and participants would need to travel to Allston/Brighton after work to attend class. Now we offer classes to a more varied audience that can participate from anywhere they may be located. This is crucial, as our homebuying classes now benefit those that before could not overcome these barriers. Congratulations to the 104 graduates of our largest class ever!” said ABCDC’s Homeownership and Counseling Manager, Meghan Monson.

We would like to thank the Boston Home Center for partnering with us for this class, as well as all of the amazing first-time homebuyers who participated!

Our Housing Counselors are passionate about making homeownership more accessible and attainable for everyone. If you are interested in learning more about the road to homeownership and how to make your dreams of owning your first home a reality, register for one of our upcoming classes today!

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